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We love working with you to create special gifts that are designed by you!
There are minimums and specific lead time requirements (generally at least 8 - 12 weeks) for all custom orders. Please get in touch to discuss if you are interested.


Rose Hydrosol

Wedding Gift for Guests

An exotic wedding hosted in Hong Kong, the newlyweds wanted to create something that can transport the guests to Morocco, where the groom originate from. 


Loving Touch

Collaboration with The Knitting Room

This set celebrates the softness of baby skin and the beauty of handmade: 

- A duo of cold-process soaps for mum and baby that makes bath time a bonding ritual

- The Stripey Baby Blanket that brings relaxing benefits for craft therapy

IMG_6846 (1).JPG

Bergamot & Patchouli Soap

Wedding Gift for Guests

Celebrating a wedding in Bhutan, the newlyweds would like to share one of their favourites - cold process soap.  

IMG_6848 (1).JPG

Lemongrass & Lime Soap 

Custom Soap for JSMP

To celebrate the launch of a premium made-to-measure and bespoke tailoring fashion brand based in Hong Kong, these soaps are made as a giveaway on the launch date. 


I am ___ woman 

Custom Soap for Women's Festival 2019

To celebrate the first and only festival about the power and beauty of women, we partnered with @womensfesthk to create these colourful soaps. 10% of the sales were donated to RainLily @acsvaw - Hong Kong's first crisis center for female victims of sexual violence. 


Geranium Soap

Bridesmaid gift

Each bridesmaid received a selfcare pack from the bride thanking each for their friendships. 


Turmeric Exfoliating Soap

Custom Soap for HK Perma Club

Using the home-grown Turmeric to created an exfoliating soap with the scent of Neroli.


Tea Bath - Himalayan Bath Soaks

Collaboration with Zippysparkles

Infused with Bergamot, Lavender and Geranium essential oils, the Tea Bath Soak Mix will increase feelings of contentment.
Finish off your bath by enjoying the energies released from a massage with the Rose Quartz Guasha. 


Coffee Scrub Soap

Custom Soap for Tong Chong St Market

Made these soap with used grounded coffee beans to celebrate one of their markets.


Lavender & Cedarwood Soap

Fundraiser Sponsor for a Hospital

Commissioned by @josootang to create this bespoke soap to sponsor the Women of Hope Fundraiser Luncheon by the Hong Kong Adventist Hospital Foundation.  



Custom Soap for basic4basic

Together with @basic4basics, we created this  set to raise awareness for the concept of #selfcare, by including a 100% natural cold process soap and 100% organic cotton tee, ensuring your skin deserves the best possible quality. 

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