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Our hydrosol, NEROLI is a true hydrolate produced naturally (as a by-product of essential oil distillation) from Spain for face, neck and chest. 


Key benefits

  • 100% natural with certified organic ingredients 

  • Neroli is rejuvenating and regenerative

  • Helps prevent infection and reduce irritation which is beneficial to oily and blemished skin

  • A refreshing water spray that gives you nourishment 





Hydrosols are so gentle that they can be used multiple times during a day.

Apply 5-8 sprays of hydrosol to your face, neck, chest or hair anytime when you need a little pampering.

The natural floral scent and the therapeutic properties from the steam distillation process is going to soothe, hydrate and replenish your skin.

On hot summer days, store the bottle in the fridge to get that refreshing effect.




100ml / 3.3fl oz



  • A hydrosol is a by-product of extracting essential oil from a plant through steam distillation. They are sometimes referred to as hydrolats, steam/distilled water or floral waters. 


    When fresh plants such as flowers, leaves or fruits are distilled through steam distillation, you are left with two end-products: the essential oil, which contains the oil-soluble constituents of the plant and any condensate water, which contains the water-soluble constituents as well as microscopic droplets of the essential oil. This condensate water is the plant hydrosol.


    If you are a fan of essential oils, you should also be a fan of hydrosols because they have similar therapeutic properties. Due to the high water content, hydrosols are much less concentrated, meaning they are very gentle and can be applied directly on the skin without dilution. 


    However, not all hydrosols are created [equal] in the same distillation way. There are ‘hydrosols’ that are a blend of essential oils with water, preservatives and other synthetic stabilizers. These types of ‘hydrosol’ do not have the same effect as the true hydrosols that are created by steam distillation. In order to differentiate the difference, check the ingredients label. True hydrosols are listed in a latin INCI name. 

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